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Riyadh - Dabab Street

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Sunday - Thursday
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Why wiFEX?

Harnessing our expertise to provide services at the highest level of professionalism and to achieve added value to our customers to be the preferred partner.

  • A unified call center to receive customer inquiries, support and guidance.
  • Professional and specialized teams are ready to serve you.

  • Providing multiple services and offers to clients.
  • A network of direct service centers to meet your needs throughout the Kingdom.
  • Providing the highest standards of performance to achieve the best experience for our customers.
  • Ease and flexibility of booking appointments.


Worry Free Service...
"Commitment and Quality"

We are aware of the importance of building trust to achieve our vision and we are committed in all our services to comply with the highest quality standards

"Collaboration, Ambition and Agility"

We create a work environment that encourage continuous learning. We also understand the need to adapt and analyze the different needs of our customers to keep pace with changing customer requirements

"Customer Care"

We are keen to delight and maintain our existing customer and attract new ones by understanding their feedback and working to improve the service provided

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

Installing, maintaining and repairing all domestic and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems .


Home Appliances

Maintaining and repairing of major appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and ovens, and small appliances such as microwaves and vacuum cleaners .


Spare Parts and Accessories

Providing spare parts, accessories and consumables for all devices, and offering its delivery .

Success begets success

Success Partners

Alessa Industries


Hamad A. Alessa and Sons


Alessa For Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company


Alessa Advanced Projects


About Us?

Year 2020, was the beginning of the Authorized Maintenance and Operations Company "wiFEX". It was an idea that was presented on the meeting table of Hamad Abdullah Al-Essa & Sons Company, a leading manufacturer of household appliances, refrigeration and air conditioning which was founded in 1935. That idea was to establish a company specialized in the field of operations and maintenance, starting from the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the place of our first launch, and seeking through our vision to change the traditional maintenance concept and create a leading Saudi brand in the field of operation and maintenance of home and commercial appliances in the Kingdom, and we aspire in the future to expand in the Gulf and the Middle East.

What is the Vision of wiFEX ?
To be the leading maintenance and operations Company in the Gulf and the Middle East by providing solutions that contribute to making the lives of our customers more comfortable.
Harnessing our expertise to provide services at the highest level of professionalism and achieving added value to our customers to be the preferred partner in an effort to improve their lifestyle and provide comfort and well-being.
• Receiving customer inquiries and providing troubleshooting and support through a unified call center.
• Readiness to serve our customers through professional and specialized teams.
• Meeting the needs of our customers all over the Kingdom through a network of direct service centers.
• Achieving the best customer experience by following the highest performance standards

Saudi brand

One of Alissa Industries Group of Companies

Customer reviews

Some of the opinions of our valued customers..
أتمنى لكم مزيداً من التطور والتقدم في سبيل إرضاء جميع العملاء... شكرا على التجربة و على خدمات مابعد البيع ورضا العميل... شكرا لموظفة مركز الاتصال
رحيم ( الرياض )
تغيرت الشركه بالتزامها بالمواعيد وسرعه الاستجابه للعميل بشكل كبير للافضل اهنئ الدارة على هذا التقدم

هند ( الرياض )
شكرا لكم ولكافة العاملين لديكم لحسن تعاملهم وتجاوبهم معنا لخدمتنا واصلاح العطل مع تمنياتي بالتقدم والنجاح المستمر ووافر الاحترام والتقدير

عيسى ( الدمام )

The Services We Provide..

Offering In-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty Services, as well as Extended Warranty service, where our customers can enjoy warranty for one or two additional years .





Genuine Spare Parts


Preventive Maintenance